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Lindbjerg Chimney is a family business offering professional chimney repair and masonry services in Metro Vancouver. We specialize in chimney repairs, chimney sweeping, fireplace repairs, and chimney rebuilds and restorations.

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Chimney Services

We offer reliable, safe, and clean chimney repairs, sweeps, and rebuilds. We are fully insured and treat your property with proper care and respect. We always provide exceptional work!

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Leak repairs and prevention, chimney repointing, flashing repair, chimney cap installation, and chimney restoration and rebuilds. Contact us by phone, or request a free estimate today.

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Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

Chimney Sweep & Cleaning

We provide fully insured chimney cleaning services and inspection to ensure your chimney is safe, and there are no issues or damage. Schedule chimney cleaning.

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Free Estimate

Free Estimate

Find out beforehand what work needs - or doesn't need to be done - on your chimney. Request a free estimate now and we'll provide a cost and work estimate up-front.

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Henning Lindbjerg

Henning Lindbjerg

Lindbjerg Chimney is a family owned and operated business specializing in chimney repairs, rebuilding, and restoration. Henning has fixed, rebuilt, or restored thousands of chimneys since beginning in the trade almost 40 years ago.

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Customer Testimonials

I had water leaks coming from my chimney area. I met with Henning Lindbjerg and found him to be friendly & courteous. He explained to me my problem and how it can be fixed. He and Daniel completed the job in a timely manner as promised, and cleaned up when the job was done. I found their work ethic to be professional, hardworking and efficient. I recommend Lindbjerg to anyone who needs work to be done to their chimney.
Elena Brock
We contacted Lindbjerg Chimney about the chimneys in our 40 year old home, and we couldn’t be happier that we did. Their expertise was immediately obvious, and they walked us step by step through the work to be done. They arrived as scheduled, were professional, polite, courteous, fastidiously neat and seemed to really enjoy their work. The final bill came in as quoted – with no surprises. We would strongly recommend them.
K. Griffin Langley
We contacted Lindbjerg Chimney Service because of leaks around our existing chimney. They came quickly and in the rain analyzed the problem, and completed some immediate measures to reduce the water damage. Their quotation was thorough, easily understood, prompt and they were on the job in a matter of a few days. The problem was exactly as they predicted and the solution, a new upper chimney portion, is extremely attractive.
Keath Seeton
Our fireplace chimney had been damaged extensively. We sought numerous repair estimates which ranged from unbelievably low to unbelievably high. We contacted Henning Lindjberg who offered us the most detailed, reasoned, believable and fairly priced solution. We found Henning and his crew pleasant, efficient, honest and talented bricklayers and I commend them to anyone seeking chimney repairs.
Keith Delta

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lindbjerg Chimney insured?

Yes. We are fully insured by Workers Compensation Board of BC (Worksafe BC).

Where does Lindbjerg Chimney operate?

We’re based in Langley, British Columbia and we serve home owners across Vancouver and the lower-mainland.

My chimney has moss all over it – is that a problem?

Yes. Dark, dirty stains of moss growth on top, or on shoulder (slope) usually indicates a leaking problem.

Why is the paint flaking off my chimney?

This suggests that your chimney is likely to have an internal leaking problem. See our Chimney Repairs page for more details.

Is chimney cleaning needed?

Yes. Chimney cleaning is of utmost importance for the safety of your home, and the people in it. Debris, soot, and creosote accumulate in your chimney and if not cleaned out can cause dangerous, or even deadly chimney fires. See our chimney sweep page for details.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

At least once per year. If burning is extensive (i.e. 50+ times), you should consider requesting an inspection and, if required, have a second cleaning per year. Learn more.

When does a chimney need to be rebuilt?

Common signs that your chimney is in need of a rebuild (and is too deteriorated to repair) are loose bricks, cracks, mortar falling out, and spalling (face of bricks falling off). Not sure how to identify these problems? Let us know. We can take a look and provide an estimate for free.

What does maintenance of a wood burning chimney include?

Regular yearly sweeping, checking for leaks and deterioration.

What is causing the fine, white residue in my fireplace?

The fine, white residue appearing on the inside of your fireplace, facing and hearth is called efflorescence. It is the the powdery residue of water and salts that usually appears when there is a leaking problem.

Service Area

We are based in Langley BC, and provide chimney service in the following lower mainland cities:

  • Abbotsford
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Delta
  • Ladner
  • Langley
  • Maple Ridge
  • Mission
  • North Vancouver
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Pitt Meadows
  • Tsawwassen
  • Richmond
  • Surrey
  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver
Lindbjerg Chimney Service Area Map
Lindbjerg Chimney Services Area. We serve Vancouver all the way to the Fraser Valley.